Take a Sneak Peek

From Chapter 3

"We know that all things are energy. So... where is it, how does it flow, and what is its relevance?" This field of energy flows throughout the internal physical body and generally radiates outward from the body approximately 60-80 centimetres.

From Chapter 7

“Apply some simple skills to transform the essence and vibration of your energy… your presence. Then you will be living your light.” An empowered life is that of a creator, an originator of ideas, someone who is aware of the feelings that drive those ideas.

From Chapter 14

"We are designed to be in relationship. We cannot thrive without our primal connection to each other." In relationship with other people we naturally connect on multiple energetic levels, without any conscious awareness.

How Subtle Energy Awareness changes Lives...

“We have so many energy transactions every day with the people and places we come into contact with. Using simple techniques to clear and stabilise my energies has enabled me to live my life full of energy and enthusiasm. I am able to keep my energies high and light, which has a positive effect on all those who I come in contact with. This has had a great impact on my family and my work as a school teacher.”

“Sue’s skill in purveying her knowledge and teaching us how to manage and keep clear our own energy field has helped me on a daily basis to be calmer, more focused, more positive and more aware. I have found only positive benefits from discovering this ‘invisible’ world of subtle energy. The simple exercises taught by Sue, are a great starting point for anyone wanting to grow spiritually or to simply become more balanced. “

“I live a very busy life and have learnt how to manage it more effectively. I recognise when I am getting stressed, overwhelmed, over-emotional, or over-thinking and have learnt the energy skills to identify and minimise such overload. As a result, I make much more fruitful decisions in my life. I feel energy awareness has helped me understand my own experiences and come to greater comprehension about life.”

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